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Tradition with future


In 1960 organ maker Josef Raffin established his organ workshop in Überlingen.
Since the 1970ies he has been concentrating on building high-quality organs calculating on the basis of appropiate and latest technology.


Raffin Orgelbau History        Raffin Orgelbau History Kirchenorgel        Raffin Orgelbau History Josef Raffin


Raffin Orgelbau History Orgel stimmen        Raffin Orgelbau History        Raffin Drehorgel Goldene Hochzeit Josef Raffin


From 1997 until 2010 his son-in-law Wolfgang Kaupp is creative managing director and developer.


Raffin Orgelbau History Wolfgang Kaupp        Raffin Orgelbau History Wolfgang Kaupp        Raffin Orgelbau History


In 2012 Josef Raffin passed on his profound expertise and knowledge to master carpenter Wolfgang Herr, guaranteeing the consistant Raffin quality in years to come.


Raffin Orgelbau Wolfgang Herr und Josef Raffin        Raffin Orgelbau Wolfgang Herr        Raffin Orgelbau Wolfgang Herr und Rafael Engeser


2014 Josef Raffin hands over management of the company to his daughter Friedlinde and son-in-law Rafael Engeser.
Keeping up amicable company with barrel organ fans and customers while passing on vitality and enjoyment of life through music unites us all around the world.


Raffin Orgelbau Firmenuebergabe Friedlinde und Rafael Engeser        Raffin Orgelbau Friedlinde und Rafael Engeser         Raffin Drehorgel Friedlinde Rafael Engeser