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Originally handcrafted


All music pieces are arranged by us with great variety and love for music and stamped in tear-proof PVC foil. Best quality guaranteed to last for decades without any wear!

The high-quality materials of the spools prevents wear and tear of the inner hexagonal socket and guarantees you an inexpensive and durable quality.

The perforated rolls are delivered in a decorative box, lovingly labeled by hand for more than 25 years.

All rolls contain registration proposal, simplifying the registration of the organ for the player .

Very fun to play thanks to the continuous and precise direction of the music roll through the organ. This has been an original invention of master organ builder Raffin in the 70s and is applied in many other street organs today.

Because of the low weight of the music rolls, a large number of music pieces can easily be transported. There are approx. 3-4 pieces on one music roll.

Wide selection of music rolls and Midi files for 20 and 31 notes.

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